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  • NASGO is a modern age open source Blockchain that uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model to achieve consensus and allow the creation of Sidechains on its network. This enables small and medium businesses to deploy their decentralized apps and tokens on their own personalized Sidechain in a safe, secure, convenient, risk-free and trustless manner.

  • NASGO’s vision is to enhance the adaptation of the revolutionary Blockchain by providing both community and small and medium business enterprises with a complete decentralized ecosystem, where developers and non-technical individuals will have the opportunity to create their own decentralized financial ecosystems deployed as Sidechains. NASGO’s mission is to make the NASGO framework a powerful ecosystem that allows easy and secure development of DApps, Cryptographic assets and personalized Sidechains.

  • NASGO is working around the clock to develop their ecosystem. The NASGO platform is already live with hundreds of businesses that have tokenized on the platform.

  • Digital assets can be launched directly through the NASGO Wallet.

    The NASGO wallet can be downloaded here. 

  • In order to launch an asset, there is a one time Company Profile / Asset Publisher fee of 500 NSG. You can launch an unlimited amount of digital assets from a single publisher account for 100 NSG each.

    There are no renewal fees or ongoing fees that need to be paid.

  • Bitforex:

  • NASGO introduced a revolutionary technology for side chaining called ‘Pegged Sidechains’, which enables NASGO and other decentralized ledger-deployed-assets to be transferred between multiple Blockchains in a seamless, transparent, trustless and risk-free environment.

  • NASGO achieves consensus through delegated proof of stake where transaction related activities are validated through minting and delegation. DPoS heavily encourages decentralization, as any user with a minimum of 1 NSG can become a delegate and stakeholders are able to choose who they believe should be able to validate transactions.

  • Please refer to the NASGO Documentation for detailed information on NASGO Nodes.

  • Feel free to join our official Discord server here.

    The NASGO Discord server acts as our technical support forum and is filled with experienced users, fans, as well as our own team members who are ready to help at anytime!

    Please note: Never give your master secret to anyone on the support forum, including our own developers!