Clearing Up Questions About the NASGO platform

Clearing Up Questions About the NASGO platform 768 432 NASGO Team

We’ve heard some questions from the NASGO community with regards to what exactly the NASGO platform is and how it is used. We’ll specifically define the NASGO platform, the NSG token, utility, along with other common questions and concerns about the project.

What does the NASGO platform do?

Like other blockchain platforms, NASGO is the medium on which decentralized applications are built. NASGO uses a pegged sidechain architecture that allows users to deploy these decentralized applications on sidechains that operate independently from the mainchain. The NASGO platform is set up so that users may deploy assets without the need to write up smart contracts or pay developers to code a token generation event.

What separates NASGO from other platforms?

The first way NASGO stands apart from other platforms is the fact that it is already built and running. The NASGO mainnet is active, meaning that users do not have to worry about NASGO being a vaporware project. Users can immediately register as a DApp publisher and start deploying assets.

Another way is through the user base. More than 800 small businesses, enterprises and even a global retailer with more than 2,500 stores have expanded their offerings through tokenization on the NASGO platform so far. These numbers are steadily rising as more businesses decide to tokenize their processes. Real users with real use cases are electing to use NASGO as their gateway into decentralization.

Lastly, NASGO is a fully-funded project. It is not in an ICO, meaning the project already has the funds necessary to operate and develop the platform to scale. The focus for NASGO is to successfully grow the user base in its goal to decentralize the world rather than fundraising.

How do I deploy my own NASGO asset?

Users are able to deploy custom assets on the NASGO blockchain, after being issued a few minimal fees. First, users register as an asset publisher through the NASGO interface and are issued a fee of 100 NSG. Afterwards, users set up their custom asset for a fee of 500 NSG. The asset will be confirmed onto the next generated block, which usually takes less than 10 seconds. Once the asset is confirmed, users can build decentralized applications that utilize the asset. There is no tiered payment system for tokenization; every type of user only needs to pay a minimal flat fee.

A few users have asked us if NASGO plans on implementing an affiliate or rewards system for users who want to issue multiple assets. NASGO does not plan on running such a program, as registration and issuance fees are used solely for continued operation of the blockchain.

Any type of decentralized application may be built on the NASGO platform, as it is a fully open-source project. We will now discuss examples of decentralized applications.

Apps Running on the NASGO Ecosystem

The VAPR platform is an augmented reality app that aims to disrupt the modern-age advertisement industry through ads, gamification, and content monetization. VAPR allows users to create content such as songs, writing, videos, and more on the VAPR platform and directly earn profits through advertisement. Test it out here.

The AMICO platform is a social media platform enables it users to communicate, collaborate, and engage in ecommerce: all in a decentralized manner at minimal costs. It enables seamless connectivity, a top-class crypto wallet, and a competitive ecommerce platform. For more info, click here.

What is NASGO’s goal?

NASGO’s main goal is to build a blockchain platform that will decentralize the world. Similar to how the Internet provided a medium to connect the world, NASGO sees blockchain as a way to build trust and transparency between all users of the Internet. As an ultimate motivating goal, NASGO envisions itself capturing a trillion dollar industry that the blockchain world may one day represent.

What is the NSG token?

The NSG token is used as fuel on the NASGO platform to verify transactions. In addition, the token is used with regards to registration and publishing fees on the NASGO platform. A nominal fee is issued for both registration and publishing. After users publish their own custom asset on the NASGO platform, they are able to link their assets to their own decentralized applications.

The NSG token is currently trading on BitForex. Users may purchase and sell NSG tokens using BTC and USDT trading pairs. We highly encourage users to use caution and to conduct extensive research while trading any type of digital token, including NSG.

What is an example of an organization using NASGO?

A key partnership that NASGO has secured recently is with Cambodia’s Damoasun Co. Ltd. Using the NASGO platform, Damoasun has elected to tokenize its processes in the operation of an online casino.

Research has shown that the global online gambling industry, worth $45.8B in 2017, will soar to $94.4B in USD by 2024. Cambodia in particular is currently producing as much as $56M per year in the online gambling industry. Through tokenization, online gambling businesses will reach a vastly larger audience through transparency and efficiency.

Is the NASGO platform open-source?

Yes, the NASGO platform is fully open-source. Developers are immediately able to build decentralized applications on top of the platform. More information can be found on the NASGO documentation page. NASGO’s Github page is currently under construction and a detailed development schedule is planned for release. In the meantime, please refer to the aforementioned documentation page for more information on how to build your own NASGO DApp.

As NASGO is an open-source blockchain project, any user can build on it. We urge users to do their diligence with regards to decentralized applications. As token-based payments may be implemented onto applications, users must understand what exactly they are receiving in return for payment. The blockchain world may have bad actors who do not build applications that act in good faith – we unequivocally denounce this type of behavior.

Where is the NASGO community located?

You can join the NASGO communities on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium.