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What It Means To Get Tokenized

It has been a question many have been asking… What does it mean to get tokenized, and how can tokenization help me?

We are glad you asked and we are dedicating this blog post to answer that question.

Getting Tokenized Builds Brand Value

No matter your business, there is a brand. That brand may be your name or the name you chose for your business, product or service.

By tokenizing, you are giving people a way to support your brand. It builds value in the brand as fans and followers start spreading the word about you, your brand and your token.

Tokenization Provides An Easy Customer Loyalty Rewards System


Developing a customer loyalty system can be difficult. Keeping track of data can entail a team of people. But if that data is on the blockchain, that team can be “squeezed” and the system easily automated.

And you simply reward your loyal customers with tokens that they can use to buy, trade or even sell.

Getting Tokenized Is A Way To Fund Your Business Scaling

When you tokenize, you are creating a cryptocurrency that will gain value as your business grows.

This gives people a cost efficient way to invest in your business and realize a profit as your business has success.

Just as an example, you may tokenize and your tokens are given a value of 10 cents each. These tokens are limited, meaning there is a finite amount generated. By having a limited amount, they will gain value and as your business grows, those tokens will gain more value. This gives your fans a great reason to invest in your tokens. They simply put the tokens in a crypto wallet and save them. What was once worth 10 cents could easily climb to a value of $1, 2 or even $5 each and your fans will make a great profit.

And you will help this token value climb as you use the original funds they invested in buying your tokens to scale your business.

It is a win-win.

Getting Tokenized Is A Way To Attract Your Vendors And Partners To The Blockchain System

We have discussed in previous posts how many industries could benefit from being on the blockchain. If your vendors are on the blockchain, it will make your processes run smoother. You can simply view the blockchain to see when, where, how your orders are and be able to keep better control of inventory and customer service.

And, tokenization will provide a blockchain payment system that can run on smart contracts. Once the contract has been completed and entered into the blockchain, the system will automatically transfer the amount of your tokens to cover the payment and the vendor can convert those tokens to cash, or another cryptocurrency.

By doing this, you eliminate costly payment processing systems that can sometimes be unreliable.

How Nasgo Has Made Tokenizing Simple

Maybe you have considered tokenizing and when looking into it, you discovered you would have to hire someone who could write code.

Not with Nasgo!

You can have your brand tokenized in less than 1 hour and by following the simple directions, you need not know anything about coding.

And when you tokenize via Nasgo, you are receiving the BlockBox Toolkit which includes:

  • A Blockchain Domain Address
  • and the ability to retrofit your current website for Blockchain.

Just examining the cost of buying and hosting a domain makes this system a great value. Plus, being on Blockchain will make your site decentralized meaning anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can see it.

Decentralized Sales

What good is your ecommerce site being seen from anywhere if you cannot sell your products or services to them?

Being tokenized will allow you to sell to any and all. Consumers can simply purchase your tokens and use them to buy your goods or services no matter where they are. There will be no interference like there is when using Fiat money.

Tokenizing Incentivizes Social Sharing

Token owners naturally want the value of your tokens to rise. So this is an incentive for them to share your brand socially.

The fact that they own your tokens gives them some ownership in the company and they feel an obligation to help it grow.


It is time to embrace Blockchain and the best way to get on board is to tokenize your brand.

Read this post on how to get tokenized quickly and start growing your brand.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below…

Thank you and

Stay Free With Nasgo!