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How Nasgo, Sharenode, Amico And Vapr All Work Together

You have probably seen individuals who are with Nasgo sharing information and links to Sharenode, Amico and Vapr. And the same way reversed.

In one way, these systems are all separate entities but they all share a common denominator. All are on the Nasgo blockchain and all work in a synchronized fashion.

We will explain what each system is and how they are synchronized for the betterment of all.

What Nasgo Is

Nasgo is a decentralized blockchain platform that was founded by Steve Chiang and Eric Tippetts. It is considered the mainchain and various sidechains can be created off the Nasgo blockchain.

The Nasgo blockchain connects developers and publishers to a vast community of global clients.

The Nasgo blockchain has an internal currency called NSG. The NSG cryptocurrency is now listed on the BitForex exchange.

Using NSG, developers can create blockchain applications called dApps to set up blockchain ecommerce systems, marketing solutions and much more.

What Sharenode Is

Sharenode is an independently run marketing and advertising system that has a sidechain off the Nasgo mainchain.

To put it in easy terms, Sharenode has a gamut of affiliates who are rewarded by promoting companies who sidechain off the Nasgo mainchain. Those rewards come in the form of NSG (Nasgo tokens), SNP (Sharenode tokens or even Bitcoin.

The ShareNode platform provides the ability for millions of business and customers to connect, share, and be rewarded together. This synergistic ecosystem offers a true ROI for businesses and affiliates alike.

I must also add here that Sharenode has developed Nasgive on the Nasgo blockchain that will donate to a charity every 17 minutes automatically through NASGO’s DPOS consensus algorithm.

By the way, the Nasgive store which will have some cool things will be opening soon.

What Amico Is

Amico is an App that was created to allow you to use your digital currency to connect with customers and clients. It provides a blockchain customer loyalty plan to reward your faithful customers. It also gives you a way to showcase your business and products/services and gives you a public and/or private messenger service.

What Vapr Is

Vapr is another App that uses augmented reality which allows you to create advertising promotions that are unique and fun. It gives you an amazing way to reach your target market by pinning your images, videos or written content to specific locations and also reward those new and existing customers digitally.

How All 4 Work In Tandem

Most business owners know that you will have to invest in various middlemen to achieve all you need in the way of

  • an e-commerce website and hosting
  • a great affiliate program
  • marketing
  • and social media plans

When you tokenize via the Nasgo blockchain and jump on board the Sharenode sidechain. When you download the Amico and Vapr apps, you will achieve all the bullet points we listed.

Put your e-commerce on the Nasgo blockchain and you have the ability to push your business to the top.

Small businesses all over the world have discovered how much more efficient their system can run by having all these synchronizations in place.

The first step is to tokenize your business on the Nasgo Blockchain. You can launch step 1 here.

Secondly, you can request to be invited to join the Sharenode community. Just hit the administration up here on Twitter, or at Facebook and at Instagram.

Next, download the Amico app here.

And the Vapr app here.

If you have any questions, you can post them below and we will make sure you get an answer.

Thanks and…

Stay Free With Nasgo