nasgo super bowl liii takeover

The Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover Recap

The Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover Recap 600 338 Nasgo Marketing

It was a fantastic day and awesome night as the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

A delegation from Nasgo and Sharenode were in attendance to witness this moment in football history. Actually, they were in Atlanta for several days.

But the main reason these men and women from the Nasgo blockchain were there was for the kids. That was what the Super Bowl takeover was all about. You see, Nasgo teamed up with DSA (Do Something Athletic) and with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to help kids realize that athleticism is good for the body, soul and their future.

This was a way Nasgo could “give back” to the humans who are our future… Kids… And by the time they are our leaders, we foresee blockchain as the technology that will be as big, if not bigger than was the internet when it came into existence.

Some huge names were in attendance during the Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover…

But much better than words… Check out all these cool videos recapping these wonderful days in history…

From Nasgo Official You Tube

From Desmond Combs You Tube


We want to clear up a few things. There is a rumor that has spread that Nasgo was a sponsor at the Super Bowl. That is false as companies such as Visa and Hyundai had that covered. The Nasgo sponsorship came in helping children realize they can reach for and attain their dreams, be it in athletics, business or whatever their heart’s desire. It is about reaching for and working at making the dream come true.

That is exactly what the Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover was all about and the smiles on kids faces proved it was successful.

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