What Is Vapr?

What Is Vapr? 581 392 Nasgo Marketing

You probably have heard us mention Vapr and you want to know exactly what it is. First and foremost, Vapr is a blockchain decentralized application (dApp) that is running on the Nasgo blockchain platform.

We like to think of Vapr as the new evolution of information. Think about it… You want to know how to:

  • Make sushi
  • Change the water pump on your car
  • Or what kind of bird you just saw on your feeder.

What do you do?

  • Google?
  • Bing?
  • Duck Duck Go?

You seek information… You look for the answer.

But some of that information is difficult to believe. After all…

  • Iguana sushi???
  • Why is there a leftover bolt when that guy changed the water pump in that video?
  • And they say it is a Cardinal but there is not 1 speck of red on that bird.

Can you truly trust the information you currently get?

When blockchain technology is used, the information and answers will be verified via nodes. It is thousands, if not millions of computers working together to ensure all data is accurate. When the info is confirmed, it is “sealed” on the blockchain and cannot be manipulated.

A Consistent Encyclopedia Of Knowledge

Vapr is a search engine with amazing functions. We like to say it is like the Wikipedia on blockchain that will never have inaccurate information.

Herein is the issue with Wikipedia… Anyone can delete, add or change information on their pages. And these manipulations are not verified. Sure, an administrator may come along at some point and “catch” discrepancies, but what about the people who believed the information before it was “fixed?”

Vapr does not have that issue. Using the Nasgo blockchain, everything is verified before it becomes available to view ensuring accuracy.

Using Augmented Reality

Taking the best features from social media and combining with Augmented Reality, the Vapr search engine will make your experience take you into a matrix of knowledge that rivals top Harvard scholars.

And A Marketing Dream

Since Vapr is using AR, marketers will want to have their messages on the Vapr system and users will not be upset with marketing messages because the system will know what they want to see, when and how they want to see it.

Purchasing On Vapr

Vapr is tokenized!

The ARV coin is the only way to purchase goods or services over the Vapr app which ensures all transactions will be safe and secure. After all, they will be encrypted.

High-Tech Image Recognition Technology

Another wonderful feature in Vapr is the use of High-Tech Image Recognition Technology. By simply taking a photo or scanning an object will put Vapr to work searching the vast blockchain data supply to return you all the information about that image.

Social Too

Not only is Vapr a vast storage of information, it is also a social site. You can follow and share with other users and they can do the same with you.

VAPR also collects data of the entire community who have liked and commented about your content. This allows you to communicate and exchange information effectively to people who have expressed interest, helping you to receive more followers and maybe even more customers.

Start Using Vapr Now

You can start now. Just…

That’s it… You are in the VAPR matrix.

Crypto Cowboy Used It And Loves Vapr

Just check out what the Crypto Cowboy has to say:


Isn’t this so cool?

Nasgo and the blockchain IS changing the world and business as we know it.

Do you have any questions about Vapr or anything else? Just post them below.

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