What Is Amico?

What Is Amico? 960 540 Nasgo Marketing

If you have been keeping up with developments on the Nasgo blockchain, you have surely heard the term Amico.

But what is Amico?

Let me start by saying that Amico is probably

The most powerful dApp created yet on blockchain

What’s more… It is on the Nasgo blockchain.

Amico provides users with:

  • A powerful ecommerce platform that is completely crypto-current. What I mean is: buyers and sellers can use various forms of cryptocurrency to make transactions.
  • A safe and secure multi-coin decentralized wallet.
  • An augmented reality marketing engine.
  • A video channel
  • Plus a fully incentivized social media and messenger platform
  • and a ton of other features.

To give you a picture of what we are describing, just think of putting eBay, Facebook, GoDaddy, Amazon, Linkedin, etc… all in one platform on the blockchain. Essentially, that is what you will see with Amico.

Buy and sell digital entertainment

Just think… use your tokens or crypto-coins to buy the latest album from your favorite artist. Or newly released movies, books or any other form of digital entertainment. It will be a reality with Amico.

Watch this video and then scan the QR Code to download the Amico App to start using this great blockchain platform.


Leave Your Feedback

After you download the Amico app, we really want to hear your feedback. Is there anything more you would like to see in this app? Did you have any problems?

Here at Nasgo, Sharenode and Amico, we want to provide you with the ultimate blockchain experience.

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You see, blockchain is changing the world and we want you to

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