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blockchain and entertainment

The Benefits Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

The Benefits Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain 4032 2688 Nasgo Marketing

The entertainment industry is monstrous. Just consider the various forms of entertainment…

  • Movies and television
  • Music
  • Books and magazines
  • Carnivals and circuses
  • and much more

It is becoming obvious that blockchain technology can be a huge benefit to many of these entertainment systems.

Just recently, Jaafar Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew of Michael and Janet Jackson tokenized his music and himself. Fans will be able to invest in Jaafar and his music by purchasing his token that runs on the Nasgo blockchain. It is called Jusic.

Just listen to this young man sing…

Just as Jaafar has foreseen the benefits of having his music on blockchain, we believe many other artists, film makers, writers, etc… will see the benefits of having entertainment on blockchain.

Let’s look at the benefits of having entertainment on blockchain.

Decentralization Is A Benefit Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

With a decentralized system, the blockchain allows that entertainment to be seen far and wide.

The current system puts entertainment in a centralized format. An example may be, a new movie is made but certain entities “think” that movie would not have much interest in Europe or Asia. So they make it available in the Americas. Even if the film maker believes it would have a strong following in say China, it won’t be released there because others have the say on that.

If on blockchain, the creator has more power and being decentralized, that entertainment will be available anywhere to anyone.

A Payment System Is A Benefit Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

With the tokenization process, people will be able to pay for their entertainment using digital tokens or other forms of cryptocurrency. This eliminates costly payment processors and can ultimately bring some entertainment costs down.

There was a day when a person could attend a concert for $5 – $10. With today’s system, you can’t even park your car for that.

But using your tokens to purchase the tickets, we should see concert tickets come down in price as we see those who have their hands grabbing some of the revenues are eliminated.

There is another payment related benefit… Micro-payments will be easier using digital money. If you want to buy 1 song instead of the whole album, it is possible on blockchain, but doubtful Mastercard or Visa would allow such a small purchase.

Smart Contracts Are A Benefit Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

Be it the backup band, lighting personnel, editors, etc, there are various other people who need to be paid for their services.

To ensure these people are paid, smart contracts can be created on the blockchain and when tasks are marked completed and verified, the blockchain system will automatically release their payments. This cuts down on paperwork and accounting and all records of payments are safely stored on the encrypted blockchain.

Proof Of Ownership Is A Benefit Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

Copyright and Trademark ownership has been an ongoing struggle for many. Blockchain technology will solve that issue completely. He/she who enters their music, book, film or some other creative element on the blockchain first will have ample evidence they are the owner.

After all, blockchain data can not be erased or manipulated. It is similar to carving it in granite.

The Ability To Monetize Content Is A Benefit Of Having Entertainment On Blockchain

monetize content

Consider newspapers and magazines who, with the advent of the internet, have lost tons of revenues.

But, using the blockchain, these media sources will now have a way to gain revenues back by offering blockchain subscription services that are cost efficient. They can also offer low cost “paid” content whereas people can pay a small fee using digital assets to read, listen or watch various entertaining or news coverage.


I have heard many people in the entertainment industry complaining about how chaotic it can be. Blockchain technology will take much of that chaos away. By creating a barrier from theft, a better way to pay and get paid and the ability to show and sell your creative works to the world as a whole, it just makes sense to get on the blockchain… And Nasgo is leading the way for entertainment professionals.

Are you ready to bring your creativity to blockchain? It isn’t difficult to get it done. If you are ready, we can guide you along. Feel free to comment here or better yet, head over to the Nasgo Facebook page here and just message us and say, I want to get my brand on blockchain. One of the Nasgo experts will contact you back and help you.

If you have any questions or feedback, just comment below and remember to…

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token your brand

What It Means To Get Tokenized

What It Means To Get Tokenized 417 370 Nasgo Marketing

It has been a question many have been asking… What does it mean to get tokenized, and how can tokenization help me?

We are glad you asked and we are dedicating this blog post to answer that question.

Getting Tokenized Builds Brand Value

No matter your business, there is a brand. That brand may be your name or the name you chose for your business, product or service.

By tokenizing, you are giving people a way to support your brand. It builds value in the brand as fans and followers start spreading the word about you, your brand and your token.

Tokenization Provides An Easy Customer Loyalty Rewards System


Developing a customer loyalty system can be difficult. Keeping track of data can entail a team of people. But if that data is on the blockchain, that team can be “squeezed” and the system easily automated.

And you simply reward your loyal customers with tokens that they can use to buy, trade or even sell.

Getting Tokenized Is A Way To Fund Your Business Scaling

When you tokenize, you are creating a cryptocurrency that will gain value as your business grows.

This gives people a cost efficient way to invest in your business and realize a profit as your business has success.

Just as an example, you may tokenize and your tokens are given a value of 10 cents each. These tokens are limited, meaning there is a finite amount generated. By having a limited amount, they will gain value and as your business grows, those tokens will gain more value. This gives your fans a great reason to invest in your tokens. They simply put the tokens in a crypto wallet and save them. What was once worth 10 cents could easily climb to a value of $1, 2 or even $5 each and your fans will make a great profit.

And you will help this token value climb as you use the original funds they invested in buying your tokens to scale your business.

It is a win-win.

Getting Tokenized Is A Way To Attract Your Vendors And Partners To The Blockchain System

We have discussed in previous posts how many industries could benefit from being on the blockchain. If your vendors are on the blockchain, it will make your processes run smoother. You can simply view the blockchain to see when, where, how your orders are and be able to keep better control of inventory and customer service.

And, tokenization will provide a blockchain payment system that can run on smart contracts. Once the contract has been completed and entered into the blockchain, the system will automatically transfer the amount of your tokens to cover the payment and the vendor can convert those tokens to cash, or another cryptocurrency.

By doing this, you eliminate costly payment processing systems that can sometimes be unreliable.

How Nasgo Has Made Tokenizing Simple

Maybe you have considered tokenizing and when looking into it, you discovered you would have to hire someone who could write code.

Not with Nasgo!

You can have your brand tokenized in less than 1 hour and by following the simple directions, you need not know anything about coding.

And when you tokenize via Nasgo, you are receiving the BlockBox Toolkit which includes:

  • A Blockchain Domain Address
  • and the ability to retrofit your current website for Blockchain.

Just examining the cost of buying and hosting a domain makes this system a great value. Plus, being on Blockchain will make your site decentralized meaning anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can see it.

Decentralized Sales

What good is your ecommerce site being seen from anywhere if you cannot sell your products or services to them?

Being tokenized will allow you to sell to any and all. Consumers can simply purchase your tokens and use them to buy your goods or services no matter where they are. There will be no interference like there is when using Fiat money.

Tokenizing Incentivizes Social Sharing

Token owners naturally want the value of your tokens to rise. So this is an incentive for them to share your brand socially.

The fact that they own your tokens gives them some ownership in the company and they feel an obligation to help it grow.


It is time to embrace Blockchain and the best way to get on board is to tokenize your brand.

Read this post on how to get tokenized quickly and start growing your brand.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below…

Thank you and

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work together

How Nasgo, Sharenode, Amico And Vapr All Work Together

How Nasgo, Sharenode, Amico And Vapr All Work Together 945 756 Nasgo Marketing

You have probably seen individuals who are with Nasgo sharing information and links to Sharenode, Amico and Vapr. And the same way reversed.

In one way, these systems are all separate entities but they all share a common denominator. All are on the Nasgo blockchain and all work in a synchronized fashion.

We will explain what each system is and how they are synchronized for the betterment of all.

What Nasgo Is

Nasgo is a decentralized blockchain platform that was founded by Steve Chiang and Eric Tippetts. It is considered the mainchain and various sidechains can be created off the Nasgo blockchain.

The Nasgo blockchain connects developers and publishers to a vast community of global clients.

The Nasgo blockchain has an internal currency called NSG. The NSG cryptocurrency is now listed on the BitForex exchange.

Using NSG, developers can create blockchain applications called dApps to set up blockchain ecommerce systems, marketing solutions and much more.

What Sharenode Is

Sharenode is an independently run marketing and advertising system that has a sidechain off the Nasgo mainchain.

To put it in easy terms, Sharenode has a gamut of affiliates who are rewarded by promoting companies who sidechain off the Nasgo mainchain. Those rewards come in the form of NSG (Nasgo tokens), SNP (Sharenode tokens or even Bitcoin.

The ShareNode platform provides the ability for millions of business and customers to connect, share, and be rewarded together. This synergistic ecosystem offers a true ROI for businesses and affiliates alike.

I must also add here that Sharenode has developed Nasgive on the Nasgo blockchain that will donate to a charity every 17 minutes automatically through NASGO’s DPOS consensus algorithm.

By the way, the Nasgive store which will have some cool things will be opening soon.

What Amico Is

Amico is an App that was created to allow you to use your digital currency to connect with customers and clients. It provides a blockchain customer loyalty plan to reward your faithful customers. It also gives you a way to showcase your business and products/services and gives you a public and/or private messenger service.

What Vapr Is

Vapr is another App that uses augmented reality which allows you to create advertising promotions that are unique and fun. It gives you an amazing way to reach your target market by pinning your images, videos or written content to specific locations and also reward those new and existing customers digitally.

How All 4 Work In Tandem

Most business owners know that you will have to invest in various middlemen to achieve all you need in the way of

  • an e-commerce website and hosting
  • a great affiliate program
  • marketing
  • and social media plans

When you tokenize via the Nasgo blockchain and jump on board the Sharenode sidechain. When you download the Amico and Vapr apps, you will achieve all the bullet points we listed.

Put your e-commerce on the Nasgo blockchain and you have the ability to push your business to the top.

Small businesses all over the world have discovered how much more efficient their system can run by having all these synchronizations in place.

The first step is to tokenize your business on the Nasgo Blockchain. You can launch step 1 here.

Secondly, you can request to be invited to join the Sharenode community. Just hit the administration up here on Twitter, or at Facebook and at Instagram.

Next, download the Amico app here.

And the Vapr app here.

If you have any questions, you can post them below and we will make sure you get an answer.

Thanks and…

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nasgo super bowl liii takeover

The Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover Recap

The Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover Recap 600 338 Nasgo Marketing

It was a fantastic day and awesome night as the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

A delegation from Nasgo and Sharenode were in attendance to witness this moment in football history. Actually, they were in Atlanta for several days.

But the main reason these men and women from the Nasgo blockchain were there was for the kids. That was what the Super Bowl takeover was all about. You see, Nasgo teamed up with DSA (Do Something Athletic) and with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to help kids realize that athleticism is good for the body, soul and their future.

This was a way Nasgo could “give back” to the humans who are our future… Kids… And by the time they are our leaders, we foresee blockchain as the technology that will be as big, if not bigger than was the internet when it came into existence.

Some huge names were in attendance during the Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover…

But much better than words… Check out all these cool videos recapping these wonderful days in history…

From Nasgo Official You Tube

From Desmond Combs You Tube


We want to clear up a few things. There is a rumor that has spread that Nasgo was a sponsor at the Super Bowl. That is false as companies such as Visa and Hyundai had that covered. The Nasgo sponsorship came in helping children realize they can reach for and attain their dreams, be it in athletics, business or whatever their heart’s desire. It is about reaching for and working at making the dream come true.

That is exactly what the Nasgo Super Bowl LIII Takeover was all about and the smiles on kids faces proved it was successful.

Glad you stopped by and do share this with others… And remember to

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What Is Vapr?

What Is Vapr? 581 392 Nasgo Marketing

You probably have heard us mention Vapr and you want to know exactly what it is. First and foremost, Vapr is a blockchain decentralized application (dApp) that is running on the Nasgo blockchain platform.

We like to think of Vapr as the new evolution of information. Think about it… You want to know how to:

  • Make sushi
  • Change the water pump on your car
  • Or what kind of bird you just saw on your feeder.

What do you do?

  • Google?
  • Bing?
  • Duck Duck Go?

You seek information… You look for the answer.

But some of that information is difficult to believe. After all…

  • Iguana sushi???
  • Why is there a leftover bolt when that guy changed the water pump in that video?
  • And they say it is a Cardinal but there is not 1 speck of red on that bird.

Can you truly trust the information you currently get?

When blockchain technology is used, the information and answers will be verified via nodes. It is thousands, if not millions of computers working together to ensure all data is accurate. When the info is confirmed, it is “sealed” on the blockchain and cannot be manipulated.

A Consistent Encyclopedia Of Knowledge

Vapr is a search engine with amazing functions. We like to say it is like the Wikipedia on blockchain that will never have inaccurate information.

Herein is the issue with Wikipedia… Anyone can delete, add or change information on their pages. And these manipulations are not verified. Sure, an administrator may come along at some point and “catch” discrepancies, but what about the people who believed the information before it was “fixed?”

Vapr does not have that issue. Using the Nasgo blockchain, everything is verified before it becomes available to view ensuring accuracy.

Using Augmented Reality

Taking the best features from social media and combining with Augmented Reality, the Vapr search engine will make your experience take you into a matrix of knowledge that rivals top Harvard scholars.

And A Marketing Dream

Since Vapr is using AR, marketers will want to have their messages on the Vapr system and users will not be upset with marketing messages because the system will know what they want to see, when and how they want to see it.

Purchasing On Vapr

Vapr is tokenized!

The ARV coin is the only way to purchase goods or services over the Vapr app which ensures all transactions will be safe and secure. After all, they will be encrypted.

High-Tech Image Recognition Technology

Another wonderful feature in Vapr is the use of High-Tech Image Recognition Technology. By simply taking a photo or scanning an object will put Vapr to work searching the vast blockchain data supply to return you all the information about that image.

Social Too

Not only is Vapr a vast storage of information, it is also a social site. You can follow and share with other users and they can do the same with you.

VAPR also collects data of the entire community who have liked and commented about your content. This allows you to communicate and exchange information effectively to people who have expressed interest, helping you to receive more followers and maybe even more customers.

Start Using Vapr Now

You can start now. Just…

That’s it… You are in the VAPR matrix.

Crypto Cowboy Used It And Loves Vapr

Just check out what the Crypto Cowboy has to say:


Isn’t this so cool?

Nasgo and the blockchain IS changing the world and business as we know it.

Do you have any questions about Vapr or anything else? Just post them below.

Thanks for visiting and

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What Is Amico?

What Is Amico? 960 540 Nasgo Marketing

If you have been keeping up with developments on the Nasgo blockchain, you have surely heard the term Amico.

But what is Amico?

Let me start by saying that Amico is probably

The most powerful dApp created yet on blockchain

What’s more… It is on the Nasgo blockchain.

Amico provides users with:

  • A powerful ecommerce platform that is completely crypto-current. What I mean is: buyers and sellers can use various forms of cryptocurrency to make transactions.
  • A safe and secure multi-coin decentralized wallet.
  • An augmented reality marketing engine.
  • A video channel
  • Plus a fully incentivized social media and messenger platform
  • and a ton of other features.

To give you a picture of what we are describing, just think of putting eBay, Facebook, GoDaddy, Amazon, Linkedin, etc… all in one platform on the blockchain. Essentially, that is what you will see with Amico.

Buy and sell digital entertainment

Just think… use your tokens or crypto-coins to buy the latest album from your favorite artist. Or newly released movies, books or any other form of digital entertainment. It will be a reality with Amico.

Watch this video and then scan the QR Code to download the Amico App to start using this great blockchain platform.


Leave Your Feedback

After you download the Amico app, we really want to hear your feedback. Is there anything more you would like to see in this app? Did you have any problems?

Here at Nasgo, Sharenode and Amico, we want to provide you with the ultimate blockchain experience.

You can leave a comment here or slip over to our Facebook page and leave us your thoughts. While there, why not hit that follow button too.

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