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Movies And Blockchain

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Filmmakers are finding a great way to finance their works… Blockchain.

Yep, movies and blockchain.

No more renting movies through those red boxes. No more trying to find a seat in a movie theater that hasn’t had some sticky substance spilled all over it.

Nasgo, along with Sharenode that runs on the Nasgo blockchain and the Nasgo dApp called VAPR is making it possible for people like you and me to watch movies on the VAPR augmented reality platform and using tokens to view it.

Sorry, no popcorn vendors will be available. You will have to handle that part from your own kitchen.


The Nasgo team is going to be at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival to roll out FilmCoin. It is a method to tokenize the film industry and will be a win-win for producers and fans.


Filmmakers can simply utilize VAPR and FilmCoin to draw an audience and take their movies viral.

The FilmCoin can be used to purchase movies and will be a catalyst to financing more movie production.

The First

The first movie that will be released on the VAPR augmented reality platform using FilmCoin is Rebelistic, a film from producer Henning Morales.

Blockchain gives filmmakers a slew of advantages that include:

  • Movies can enter the international market securely.
  • Filmmakers can easily monetize their works globally.
  • Pay is immediate for filmmakers and crew with blockchain smart contracts.
  • An easier way to know what fans want.
  • Better engagement with fans.
  • Opens up new channels to market films.
  • Allows artists to keep a greater share of revenues.
  • Creates a great method to instill fan loyalty by rewarding with discounts, collectible materials, VIP seating, and much more.
  • Puts a halt to film piracy which has greatly harmed the film and music industries.

Giving Control Back

For many years, middlemen have had control of the film industry, even going so far as to tell filmmakers how to, when to and who to.

By tokenizing, the control comes back to the filmmaker who can easily see what types of films and who the fans want as actors in their works.

And it isn’t just filmmakers benefiting from blockchain and tokenization

  • Musicians
  • Small and medium size businesses
  • Artists
  • and more

can take advantage of the many blockchain benefits.

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Nasgo And Blockchain Has A Lot To Offer The Entertainment Industry

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