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How Artificial Intelligence Will Put Blockchain To Work

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It seems like a movie script… How computer programs can learn from self-education. It is happening and large companies are already gaining advantage of AI.

  • Google uses AI deep learning to manage ranking algorithms.
  • Facebook has used AI in a face recognition feature that can automatically tag images.
  • Amazon uses AI to learn the search patterns and buying history of visitors.

And many others are taking advantage. But these are all large organizations who have money to invest in Artificial Intelligence.

But where does that leave small and medium size businesses?

First and foremost, the companies I mentioned above have extremely large data bases now that they can feed into the AI system so it can learn. Many small businesses would love to use Artificial Intelligence, but lack the data to make it work.

There IS an answer and that answer is blockchain.

Blockchain Data Marketplaces

The plan is to make available blockchain data marketplaces to small and medium size enterprises which will allow them to obtain data that can help train their AI system. It will allow a small ecommerce business to stay competitive with a large one such as Amazon.

Data Security Concerns

One of the first questions normally asked is security. With the problem of hacked and stolen data over the last few years, it is understandable why business owners would be concerned about securing that data.

The main thing to consider in this area is, any data middlemen are eliminated. This, in itself makes that data much more secure. Next, the blockchain runs on an encrypted system and unless that hacker has the “key” he/she has 0 probability of seeing, and much less of, stealing that data.


free ride

Another concern is when that data is sold or subscribed to on the blockchain marketplace, what would stop that buyer from giving it for free or re-selling it?

That is a good question, because we have witnessed this issue with digital books, movies and books. But using the same blockchain technology, smart contracts would be made and all use of the data, downloads and such, would be entered into the blockchain. This would allow the source of the data to review who, when, where and why it was downloaded.

Using the same AI system you are training, it could help protect the data that was used to train it.

It Is A Win-Win

No matter how we look at the picture, this is a win-win for everyone. One business has data, another business needs data. The business that has data can sell it on the blockchain marketplace and the business who needs it can purchase it on the data marketplace.

We will soon see blockchain essentially powering artificial intelligence and, along with that, virtual reality programs.

How Nasgo Comes In

Nasgo is the blockchain behind VAPR.

VAPR is the world’s first search engine app on Blockchain, which turns your phone into a reality scanner.

We say search engine, but it is also a Nasgo blockchain powered social network too.

As VAPR is used, it is learning. That’s right! VAPR is a blockchain artificial intelligence. And the data on the Nasgo blockchain can be utilized by VAPR to create a wonderful experience that is safe and secure.

Some of the things you can do with the VAPR app…

  • Scan or picture something and VAPR will find all information on it. Do you want to know what that plant is? Ask VAPR. Do you want to know how to cook a certain meat? Ask VAPR.
  • Make your images come alive in a 3D format.
  • And much more

Just consider if the glasses you are wearing would “pop up” info in a small area telling you about the person you are looking at? Or it tells you where the bus you are waiting for will make stops? It is possible and probable, and VAPR powered by Nasgo will lead the way.

You can get a head start and start using the VAPR app now. Just click here and download it.


The VAPR app has so many possibilities. And as it keeps learning, it will have more possibilities.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions? Post them below and…

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