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4 Industries That Blockchain Is Impacting

When a person mentions blockchain, it seems that people either have no idea what is being talked about or they immediately say or think Bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin runs on blockchain, but blockchain has many other uses too. If you have followed or subscribed to the Nasgo blog, you have surely read about some of the amazing uses for blockchain.

There are many industries that blockchain is impacting. Today, we will tell you about 4. We will explain how blockchain is impacting that industry and why.

Industries That Blockchain Is Impacting #1: SME’s

SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Let’s face it, small and medium sized businesses do not have the advantages that the corporate monsters have. Without the advantage of having teams of advisers and lawyers, small and medium sized businesses must “go along” with a regulatory environment that is designed to favor the large business structures. Small businesses are forced to spend more time and resources in finding investors, scaling operations, payment processing and various other areas that are necessary.

At Nasgo, many SME’s have been tokenizing and starting their own sidechain off the Nasgo mainchain so they can keep pace with the large corporate machines.

By tokenizing, the SME can gain investors and create layers of trust and transparency. The SME can also develop decentralized applications (dApps) for payment processing, and to force vendors into the transparent goals of the company.

After speaking with several of the entrepreneurs who have signed into the Nasgo blockchain, I notice a common denominator in responses that they are seeing costs drop which can be passed on to the consumer.

Industries That Blockchain Is Impacting #2: Cybersecurity

From hackers to malware to data hijacking, the need for strong cybersecurity has become an absolute for businesses as well as governments. It seems news of massive data hacks has become all-to common. And when a large business seems to lose important information that customers entrusted with them, that company can face terrible consequences that could be fatal.

Blockchain itself has the most secure system of all. Using strong cryptography and a system that uses computers all around the world, the possibility of any hacker being able to steal or hijack member’s data is virtually non-existent.

Only those who have a public key can view that data. A key that the business owner holds. And when a person uses that key, the knowledge of who, what, where and when is entered into the blockchain too.

Will blockchain do away with cybersecurity companies?

Actually, the wise cybersecurity companies are getting on the blockchain so they can offer the best services. As they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

If cybersecurity companies are proactive and get on the blockchain early, they will gain the most trust and ultimately, the most clients.

Industries That Blockchain Is Impacting #3: Agriculture


There have been a high rate of sicknesses caused by food. And it may had been prevented if the food supply was all on blockchain. And it starts at the farm.

By being on blockchain, farmers can show that their grains and livestock are disease-free, have no GMOs or insecticides and are truly organic.

There are many advantages by having agriculture on blockchain…

  • The ability to trace where it came from and how it was grown or raised.
  • Transparency from start to finish.
  • Self-policing and keeping lawmakers out of making illogical regulations.
  • Helping farmers to predict prices so they can make the best profits.
  • Saving many costs and the savings will be passed to the consumer.

Industries That Blockchain Is Impacting #4: Nonprofits

Over the last few years, trust in nonprofits has eroded as news of various improprieties has made headlines.

I will not mention any names, but we have learned of executives receiving salaries that are completely out-of-line and of donations not going where the people assumed they would be going. Because of these headlines, the whole nonprofit industry has been wounded.

Blockchain will impact nonprofits by bringing trust and transparency back.

We can watch as people all over the globe are helped without the issues of outside interference or theft of donations.


At Nasgo, we see these as the top 4 industries being impacted by blockchain. But there are many other industries also being impacted…

  • Shipping
  • Data storage
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Travel

If we really consider all the possibilities of blockchain technology, it will impact everything. Just as the internet impacted everything, blockchain will do the same. And when we think of internet and its impact, who was a leader? GoDaddy stood high and Nasgo is the GoDaddy of blockchain.

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