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What Makes Nasgo Different?

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With the creation of various blockchains, we have heard the question, “What makes Nasgo different?”

In today’s post, I will explain just why Nasgo is different and when finished, you will see why putting your brand, your business and yourself on the Nasgo blockchain is the wisest move you can make.

Before I go on, watch this video from Nasgo cofounder Eric Tippetts…


As Eric mentioned here, by putting your business; your start up; your brand on the Nasgo blockchain, you will benefit from complete transparency which will give others a reason to trust and invest.

And this leads into something many brands have been using the Nasgo blockchain to do…


There are a plethora of benefits when you tokenize.

You essenetially create a cryptocurrency based on your brand or business. And the ease of doing so on the Nasgo blockchain is amazing! This post tells you more.

The tokenization feature alone… The ease, efficiency and low cost lifts the Nasgo blockchain far above all others.


We have recently wrote several posts about businesses who have come aboard the Nasgo blockchain. When these businesses came on, they had the ability to create a sidechain off the main Nasgo blockchain. By doing so, they have complete customization control and can set their sidechain up to match their business structure.

What’s more, they have the ability to create


dApps are simply blockchain applications that can be customized for your business, your website, etc…

And with other blockchain systems, you would need to know intense coding or would have to hire a professional coder. With Nasgo, no coding knowledge is necessary. The Nasgo team is prepared to guide you along and assist you in preparing a sidechain that will blend with your structure.

DPOS Consensus

bitcoinNasgo uses the DPOS consensus algorithm. DPOS stands for Delegated Proof of Stake and is considered the most democratic and fair consensus in blockchain.

Most people are familiar with Bitcoin… The original cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Bitcoin blockchain uses a Proof of Work consensus. That system works, but it is slower and uses a lot of electricity. One of the main issue with the Proof of Work system is that miners have the ability to pick and choose what transactions they will commit their computer systems to solving. The bigger the reward, the better chance it will be solved immediately.

But let’s say that Jim wants to send Mary $20 worth of Bitcoin. The reward for the miner will be extremely low so, the transaction could sit in the system for quite some time before Mary receives her $20 in Bitcoin.

With the Nasgo DPOS consensus, all transactions have the same reward and there is no favoritism. It is less centralized and extremely faster.

Plus, Nasgo delegates are “voted in” by users of the Nasgo blockchain based on accuracy and speed. Approximately every hour, the delegates change based on the votes. These delegates are paid in Nasgo tokens, NSG and there are many backups prepared to take the spot of delegates who are relieved of their duties.

Asset Transferring

Those who are sidechained in Nasgo can transfer tokens and other assets easily to other sidechains. This is not nearly as simple in other blockchain systems.

The Use Of Designed dApps

Another great feature is the dApp store.

One business, brand or person may create a dApp they use for their system and you may see where that same dApp could be useful for your small business.

No problem!

Just cruise over to the Nasgo dApp store and pick it up. For a few NSG, you can use the dApp someone else already designed.

Nasgo is Different and Leading the Way

leading the way

Do you recall when starting a business website became important?

Who did everyone go to?

GoDaddy of course!

Well, Nasgo is the GoDaddy of Blockchain as described in this article.

Jump over to and you can pick up the BlockBox toolkit:

  • A Blockchain domain
  • Integrate blockchain into your website
  • and tokenize your company to increase loyal users and incentivize customers.

And if you need assistance, feel free to comment here and/or follow and visit us at

You see, you can…

Stay Free With Nasgo