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Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 3

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 3 417 370 Nasgo Marketing

If you have been following our blog, you know that in the last 2 posts, we have been sharing businesses and brands who have tokenized on the Nasgo blockchain. If you have not read the first 2 posts, you can see them:

Today, I am giving you part 3 which will be the last part for a short time. There have been more who have tokenized, but have not yet set up their websites and such.

Building your brand is a process that must be carefully planned. Tokenizing can be an integral part of that plan and can help you reward your loyal followers who will support you by investing in your tokens.

And, you just may want to consider buying some tokens to support the following businesses and brands… They ARE tokenized to grow their business.

Tokenized For Business Growth – Jaafar Jackson

His Father is Jermaine and his Uncle is the late Michael Jackson, and can this young man sing!

And you will soon be able to support the latest Jackson sensation by buying the Jusic Token that is on the Nasgo blockchain.

Jaafar showed us his stuff at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood in October and he is about to play a great show in Vietnam.

Yes, Jaafar Jackson is going to be a household name and I know I want some “Jusic.”

Tokenized For Business Growth – Atlantic Refinishing Crew

They are the best of the best and led by Kirt Bailey. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this company can take damaged and wore yachts and make them as if they have not been in the Ocean.

Since 1998, Atlantic Refinishing Crew has been working on yachts valued well over $1,000,000. They have built a trust because of their reliability and attention to detail. And now, being tokenized, Atlantic Refinishing Crew will be wider known and yacht owners worldwide will bring their vessels to Fort Lauderdale to get the attention they deserve.

Check out the Atlantic Refinishing Crew website here.

Tokenized For Business Growth – Scott Davies

Scott’s abstract artwork will immediately “grab” your attention. This San Diego artist turned his garage into an art studio where he paints works that have been purchased by lovers of art throughout Southern California.

Scott has now tokenized, and we will surely hear of his works spreading worldwide.

Go see Scott’s portfolio at his website here.

So Many More Are Tokenized For Business Growth

loyalty rewards programs

Many individuals, brands and businesses are discovering how much blockchain technology can create huge growth in their business. Here are more with a brief description:

Mantra Mindset Moments

Life Coach Christine Howard has empowered her business through tokenizing so she can help empower you to live a life of power and radiance.

Global Rescue Alliance

Let’s be honest here… Humans are destroying the Earth. But there is hope and the only way is through educating humans on practices to save Mother Earth. Global Rescue Alliance has tokenized to reach wider and deeper so we can give our children’s children’s children a world they can love and cherish.

Anke Gladnick

Anke is a Portland, Oregon based artist who can make dreams look real. And now that Anke is tokenized, I would predict we will see more of this artist’s works as book covers and artwork lining public areas to keep our minds in awe. Make sure and click his name to see the works.

Find Families In Mexico

There are many children in foster care who do have families. This great program helps children and adults reunite in love.

With this program being tokenized, I believe more children will come together with family members who were never forgotten.

Kristine Grant – Inspired Heart

Kristine has techniques and strategies for healing damaged and broken relationships. It usually comes down to the words we speak and she is ready to help you bring the love back that has always been present but is hidden.

Phyto Science – Swisstem Pathway

This health and wellness network marketing company has tokenized and now has Phytocoins to use as internal transactions in the business. I believe we will see more network marketing companies tokenizing to have similar features.


These entrepreneurs are finding that being on the blockchain can add comfort, ease and enlivenment to their brand… Their business.

You may want to learn from them and get tokenized too.

Want to know how?

Just comment with a “show me how to get tokenized,” leave your contact info and we will be in touch to explain.

It is easy and cost efficient.

Because we want you to….

Stay Free With Nasgo!