Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 1

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 1 3002 1996 Nasgo Marketing

Various brands, businesses have discovered the fantastic possibilities behind tokenization. It is a way to show customer appreciation, as well as a way for customers to provide loyalty and support.

At Nasgo, we want to recognize the businesses and brands who have plunged into the blockchain… The Nasgo blockchain.

Because so many have done so, I am making this a multi-part as there are many and we want to make sure each gets the acknowledgment they deserve.

So let’s learn a bit about these brands and businesses who are now tokenized.

SurfCity Is Tokenized For Business Growth


Wouldn’t it be great if you could go surfing any time and have “killer” waves?

Soon you can!

In the splendor of Cancun, Mexico, you can enter SurfCity. Being erected, this surf park will be the surfing Mecca of the world.

What’s more, memberships and the purchasing of any other services or products will be with SurfCoins with the complete SurfCity operation running on the Nasgo blockchain.

Founder Don Goode has always been “a natural” at entrepreneurial visions, and he knew immediately that blockchain is the way and the means of growing SurfCity way beyond even his vision.

Yes Don, dreams can be reality!

Visit the SurfCity website here to learn more and get your SurfCoins.

Park Rover Here Is Tokenized For Business Growth

park your dogIt has been a need for a long time, and Dave is putting it to reality using the Nasgo blockchain.

No one likes to leave their pet in a hot car while they run into a store. So stores are making it simple by installing a Park Rover Here safe house which is equipped with web cams, temperature controlled, linked to an application and secured with locks to ensure your pet is safe.

An excellent idea to draw more customers to your business.

Check out the Park Rover Here website.

Cali Tucker Is Tokenized For Business Growth


The daughter of LaCosta Tucker and niece of Tanya Tucker, Cali Tucker is keeping the Tucker music legend going strong.

She was a hit in Season 6 of “The Voice” on team Blake (Blake Shelton).

Now Cali performs regularly in Las Vegas and around the country. And with her being tokenized, fans can support her music business as she leaps to stardom.

Visit Cali’s website here and check out her beautiful voice in this video.

Future Marketing Solutions Is Tokenized For Business Growth

website designFounded by Phillip Llewellyn, Future Marketing Solutions is a leader in design and ease for small business e-commerce websites. And Phillip discovered that instituting blockchain technology into his business has created a transparency and enlivenment that has rocketed the company far beyond the competition.

Phillip even had this to say: “It started with me Tokenizing my own business. Then I realized that every business needed this service. Especially at these early bird prices.”

Just go see what Future Marketing Solutions can do for you here.

Reiki Fur Babies Is Tokenized For Business Growth

reikiMing Chee and Candy Boroditsky know how much we love and cherish our pets. And being Reiki Masters, they can help heal your little, or big furry friend of its ailments.

Reiki is is a form of alternative medicine that was developed in Japan in the early 1900’s. It is based on the universal energy we all have within, but must know how to harness.

And not only does Ming and Candy’s Reiki Fur Babies provide healing for pets, they can also perform the healing energy with you too.

Check out Reiki Fur Babies here.


This is just the start… 5 who are tokenized! But there are many more… So subscribe and you will know when the next batch are published.

And cruise to each website and ask how you can get their tokens.

You see, you can…

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