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What Is Blockchain – A Refresher Course

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It is a must!

Yes, we must apologize to many of the readers of the Nasgo Blog. You see, I have discovered that many of our readers just do not understand blockchain technology. And I do understand your plight; it would be like me trying to read a technical manual on rebuilding an engine from a car.

In this post, we will provide you with a basic refresher course on blockchain technology. Hopefully when finished reading this post, you can answer when friends or family ask you, “What is blockchain?”

Blockchain Creation

It all started when a person or group of people who went by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto created a digital currency called Bitcoin that would be finite and would run on a digital technology called blockchain.

Created primarily to control digital currency, as entrepreneurs studied how the Bitcoin blockchain worked, the realization that this technology had benefits far beyond digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency.


Blockchain is a decentralized technology meaning that anyone can look and study a blockchain code and make changes within that code.

Blockchain allows information to be shared digitally, but it cannot be copied or manipulated.

The best way to describe any information that is in the blockchain is like it was “carved in granite.” You cannot erase it or change it, and it is there as long as that particular blockchain is in existence.

The Basics Of Blockchain


Let me ask you, Do you understand how the internet works?

I doubt it… But you still use it.

The same is true with blockchain. There are very few people who qualify in knowing how blockchain technology works in its entirety. Just knowing the basics is enough.

I really like how BlockGeeks explains basic blockchain.

Information held on a blockchain exists as a shared — and continually reconciled — database. This is a way of using the network that has obvious benefits. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and easily verifiable. No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt. Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its data is accessible to anyone on the internet.

It is like an Excel spreadsheet that is cloned many times across a network of computers and is continually added to and updated. With the key being that a majority of those computers must agree on any of the updates made to that spreadsheet.

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Blockchain Steps

There are a series of steps that blockchain technology uses:

  1. A transaction request is made.
  2. That request is broadcast to a network of computers that are known as nodes.
  3. Using known algorithms, the node network validates the transaction as well as the status of the user.
  4. That transaction is combined with other transactions to create a new block of data.
  5. The new block is added to the blockchain and in such a way that it cannot be altered or deleted.
  6. The transaction is completed.

This system was used to buy, sell and trade digital money or goods using digital currency as the payment method.

But consider those steps and it is so simple, but extremely complex (please forgive the oxymoron), that nearly anything that requires paperwork and verification can be made more proficient and transparent just by using blockchain.

All because no single entity controls or “owns” the blockchain, it is the most democratic process of all.

Just because Nasgo has a blockchain does not mean Nasgo “owns” that blockchain. No one owns the Nasgo blockchain. In much the same way that no entity “owns” the internet. People can build websites and sell hosting as well as means to use the internet, but Go Daddy, T Mobile, and even Government entities do not “own” the internet.

The same is true with blockchain… You can build dApps, sidechains and tokenize to make money from the blockchain, but neither you or anyone else can claim ownership of the blockchain.

What Are Blockchain Benefits

Now that you have a basic understanding, you should also know the benefits of blockchain… And I am just listing a few benefits. There are many more:

  • Transparency – since the data is shared with all network participants, the who, what, where, when and why is all right there ensuring a consistency and accuracy that was not true with bulky paperwork.
  • More secure – The possibility of hackers compromising a blockchain data system is nearly impossible. The heavy encryption puts a damper on their goals and if by chance they do get through the encryption, the network will know who they are and where they are.
  • The ability to trace issues – A good example is the recent outbreak of food borne illnesses. If blockchain is used, at the first sign, within minutes, the product can be traced to the source and all further shipments can be halted as well as immediate recalls made.
  • Efficiency – Anything using blockchain will see more efficiency and the process will be faster.
  • Lower costs – Blockchain can eliminate many middlemen and therefore will reduce costs that can be reflected in lower prices.
  • Funding – This is an area that many who are using the Nasgo blockchain have found to be huge. Instead of taking a loan or mortgaging their house, entrepreneurs simply tokenize their brand… They essentially create a brand cryptocurrency, and their fans and followers can purchase tokens to fund the business. It is a great way to invest in your favorite brands and support their growth and watch their token gain value which you can save, sell or trade.


We do hope this what is blockchain refresher course gave you some insight.

Many businesses and brands have been getting on the blockchain, tokenizing and seeing huge benefits.

Nasgo is the GoDaddy of blockchain and we are here to help you bring your business into the blockchain era.

So if you have any questions, just post them below. And be sure to look Nasgo up on your favorite social media site. Like us and you will see updates on the Nasgo blockchain. Plus, subscribe to our blog… Just scroll to the top and in the right sidebar, just enter your email and you will be updated to new posts.

Thanks for stopping in and share this with others who may be wondering what blockchain is…

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token your brand

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 3

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 3 417 370 Nasgo Marketing

If you have been following our blog, you know that in the last 2 posts, we have been sharing businesses and brands who have tokenized on the Nasgo blockchain. If you have not read the first 2 posts, you can see them:

Today, I am giving you part 3 which will be the last part for a short time. There have been more who have tokenized, but have not yet set up their websites and such.

Building your brand is a process that must be carefully planned. Tokenizing can be an integral part of that plan and can help you reward your loyal followers who will support you by investing in your tokens.

And, you just may want to consider buying some tokens to support the following businesses and brands… They ARE tokenized to grow their business.

Tokenized For Business Growth – Jaafar Jackson

His Father is Jermaine and his Uncle is the late Michael Jackson, and can this young man sing!

And you will soon be able to support the latest Jackson sensation by buying the Jusic Token that is on the Nasgo blockchain.

Jaafar showed us his stuff at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood in October and he is about to play a great show in Vietnam.

Yes, Jaafar Jackson is going to be a household name and I know I want some “Jusic.”

Tokenized For Business Growth – Atlantic Refinishing Crew

They are the best of the best and led by Kirt Bailey. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this company can take damaged and wore yachts and make them as if they have not been in the Ocean.

Since 1998, Atlantic Refinishing Crew has been working on yachts valued well over $1,000,000. They have built a trust because of their reliability and attention to detail. And now, being tokenized, Atlantic Refinishing Crew will be wider known and yacht owners worldwide will bring their vessels to Fort Lauderdale to get the attention they deserve.

Check out the Atlantic Refinishing Crew website here.

Tokenized For Business Growth – Scott Davies

Scott’s abstract artwork will immediately “grab” your attention. This San Diego artist turned his garage into an art studio where he paints works that have been purchased by lovers of art throughout Southern California.

Scott has now tokenized, and we will surely hear of his works spreading worldwide.

Go see Scott’s portfolio at his website here.

So Many More Are Tokenized For Business Growth

loyalty rewards programs

Many individuals, brands and businesses are discovering how much blockchain technology can create huge growth in their business. Here are more with a brief description:

Mantra Mindset Moments

Life Coach Christine Howard has empowered her business through tokenizing so she can help empower you to live a life of power and radiance.

Global Rescue Alliance

Let’s be honest here… Humans are destroying the Earth. But there is hope and the only way is through educating humans on practices to save Mother Earth. Global Rescue Alliance has tokenized to reach wider and deeper so we can give our children’s children’s children a world they can love and cherish.

Anke Gladnick

Anke is a Portland, Oregon based artist who can make dreams look real. And now that Anke is tokenized, I would predict we will see more of this artist’s works as book covers and artwork lining public areas to keep our minds in awe. Make sure and click his name to see the works.

Find Families In Mexico

There are many children in foster care who do have families. This great program helps children and adults reunite in love.

With this program being tokenized, I believe more children will come together with family members who were never forgotten.

Kristine Grant – Inspired Heart

Kristine has techniques and strategies for healing damaged and broken relationships. It usually comes down to the words we speak and she is ready to help you bring the love back that has always been present but is hidden.

Phyto Science – Swisstem Pathway

This health and wellness network marketing company has tokenized and now has Phytocoins to use as internal transactions in the business. I believe we will see more network marketing companies tokenizing to have similar features.


These entrepreneurs are finding that being on the blockchain can add comfort, ease and enlivenment to their brand… Their business.

You may want to learn from them and get tokenized too.

Want to know how?

Just comment with a “show me how to get tokenized,” leave your contact info and we will be in touch to explain.

It is easy and cost efficient.

Because we want you to….

Stay Free With Nasgo!

excellerated business school

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 2

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 2 640 338 Nasgo Marketing

Last week, we gave you the first installment of this series of posts recognizing the businesses and brands who have tokenized on the Nasgo Blockchain.

By doing so, these businesses are committed to being a valuable asset to the customers and clients who do business with them.

If you haven’t read that post yet, you can see it here.

Now scroll down and see some more who are tokenized:

Digi Travel Pass Is Tokenized For Business Growth

digi travel pass


No more traveling budget class when you join Digi Travel Pass. This travel membership company gets travel prices that will make you jump for joy.

You can stay in mansions for the prices you would pay for a normal hotel. Go to exotic locations you never thought you could afford.

And with Digi Travel Pass being tokenized, before long you can probably get tokens for travel rewards.

Check out their website here.

Klages Web Design Is Tokenized For Business Growth

klages web designLocated in Chico, California, Ken Klages founded Klages Web Design back in 1998. Knowing how the internet has grown and the advent of many do-it-yourself website builders, Klages Web Design is stepping into the limelight by tokenizing.

I believe Ken would agree with me… So many small, and even large businesses are attempting to build their own websites only to discover that they get little traffic. You see, you can build a really cool looking website, but there is so much more to it.

You need professionalism so that your website is seen by the people who need your products or services.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Klages Website Design will utilize their tokens.

Why don’t you visit the Klages website here; see just how professional they are.

Bliss Entertainment Studios Are Tokenized For Business Growth

bliss entertainment studiosFounded by JaNelle Garner in 2008 and headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, Bliss Entertainment Studios has a variety of entertainment services and products that include movies, television, and much more.

What I love is the company’s focus on bringing children’s education into the SMART age.

I believe that by tokenizing, Bliss Entertainment Studios will be a household name soon.

Check out the Bliss Entertainment website by clicking here.

VV Day Is Tokenized For National Support

vv dayI believe all of know someone who served in Vietnam… VV Day is short for Victory in Vietnam Day.

This website was developed to gain support to institute a Vietnam Victory Day and to help the many Vietnam Veterans who still face hardships.

How can you support? By buying Victory Tokens.

Just visit the VV Day website here.

Excellerated Business School For Entrepreneurs Is Tokenized For Business Growth

excellerated business school

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Excellerated Business School is a premiere entrepreneur school with graduates such as:

  • Jack Canfield
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Kim Kiyosaki
  • Ben Cohen
  • and many others

Excellerated Business School is creating wise entrepreneurs all around the world and now, being tokenized, they will have even more students.

Visit the website here.


Well there you have more tokenized businesses and brands. Have you tokenized yet? Don’t wait on the bus while everyone is ramping up for success using blockchain technology.

Just head over to and get signed up. Once you do that, just look up Nasgo on Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube and we will explain how to tokenize.

Thanks for visiting and please share this with others, so they can…

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Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 1

Tokenized For Business Growth – Part 1 3002 1996 Nasgo Marketing

Various brands, businesses have discovered the fantastic possibilities behind tokenization. It is a way to show customer appreciation, as well as a way for customers to provide loyalty and support.

At Nasgo, we want to recognize the businesses and brands who have plunged into the blockchain… The Nasgo blockchain.

Because so many have done so, I am making this a multi-part as there are many and we want to make sure each gets the acknowledgment they deserve.

So let’s learn a bit about these brands and businesses who are now tokenized.

SurfCity Is Tokenized For Business Growth


Wouldn’t it be great if you could go surfing any time and have “killer” waves?

Soon you can!

In the splendor of Cancun, Mexico, you can enter SurfCity. Being erected, this surf park will be the surfing Mecca of the world.

What’s more, memberships and the purchasing of any other services or products will be with SurfCoins with the complete SurfCity operation running on the Nasgo blockchain.

Founder Don Goode has always been “a natural” at entrepreneurial visions, and he knew immediately that blockchain is the way and the means of growing SurfCity way beyond even his vision.

Yes Don, dreams can be reality!

Visit the SurfCity website here to learn more and get your SurfCoins.

Park Rover Here Is Tokenized For Business Growth

park your dogIt has been a need for a long time, and Dave is putting it to reality using the Nasgo blockchain.

No one likes to leave their pet in a hot car while they run into a store. So stores are making it simple by installing a Park Rover Here safe house which is equipped with web cams, temperature controlled, linked to an application and secured with locks to ensure your pet is safe.

An excellent idea to draw more customers to your business.

Check out the Park Rover Here website.

Cali Tucker Is Tokenized For Business Growth


The daughter of LaCosta Tucker and niece of Tanya Tucker, Cali Tucker is keeping the Tucker music legend going strong.

She was a hit in Season 6 of “The Voice” on team Blake (Blake Shelton).

Now Cali performs regularly in Las Vegas and around the country. And with her being tokenized, fans can support her music business as she leaps to stardom.

Visit Cali’s website here and check out her beautiful voice in this video.

Future Marketing Solutions Is Tokenized For Business Growth

website designFounded by Phillip Llewellyn, Future Marketing Solutions is a leader in design and ease for small business e-commerce websites. And Phillip discovered that instituting blockchain technology into his business has created a transparency and enlivenment that has rocketed the company far beyond the competition.

Phillip even had this to say: “It started with me Tokenizing my own business. Then I realized that every business needed this service. Especially at these early bird prices.”

Just go see what Future Marketing Solutions can do for you here.

Reiki Fur Babies Is Tokenized For Business Growth

reikiMing Chee and Candy Boroditsky know how much we love and cherish our pets. And being Reiki Masters, they can help heal your little, or big furry friend of its ailments.

Reiki is is a form of alternative medicine that was developed in Japan in the early 1900’s. It is based on the universal energy we all have within, but must know how to harness.

And not only does Ming and Candy’s Reiki Fur Babies provide healing for pets, they can also perform the healing energy with you too.

Check out Reiki Fur Babies here.


This is just the start… 5 who are tokenized! But there are many more… So subscribe and you will know when the next batch are published.

And cruise to each website and ask how you can get their tokens.

You see, you can…

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Developing The Undeveloped

Developing The Undeveloped 5184 3456 Nasgo Marketing

4 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Help Undeveloped Countries

Many of us whine if our internet goes down for more than 5 minutes, or the electricity goes out for 10 minutes. We have water we can drink and cook with directly from faucets. The roads we drive on are paved and, for the biggest part, in good shape. The grocery store carries nearly anything and everything that we need.

We live in a developed country that continues to get better and stronger.

Yes, there is still poverty, but not like the poverty in some other countries.

But it is our belief that we can help undeveloped and underdeveloped countries rise up. Countries like:

  • Afghanistan
  • Burundi
  • Congo
  • Guinea
  • Mali
  • Nepal
  • Somalia
  • and many others

The way is using blockchain technology. In this post, I will share 4 ways blockchain technology can help undeveloped countries.

Help Undeveloped Countries #1: Building Trust

While trust is an issue in developed countries, in undeveloped countries, trust has very little existence. Those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq can certainly testify to that.

But when we integrate blockchain technology into various applications, the ability to see and know all the workings will build the trust factor.

This is especially important in undeveloped countries. People can know who to trust and who not to.

Help Undeveloped Countries #2: Financial Services For Entrepreneurs

It is the small businesses that will bring development to a country. But many would-be entrepreneurs do not have access to financial services to make their ideas work. But with blockchain technology, small loans and the use of tokenization can give entrepreneurs a “led up” allowing them to get their business running and not have the costs of traditional banking systems.

Plus, blockchain gives the ability of friends and family living in developed countries to easily transfer money to people in undeveloped countries. Again, without outrageous transfer fees.

Help Undeveloped Countries #3: The Reduction Of Government Corruption


It is one of the biggest issues in undeveloped countries…Government officials grabbing money or items that are earmarked for the poverty stricken. These corrupt politicians are able to divert donations sent and sell or use them for their own benefit.

But, by using blockchain smart contracts, there is a transparent trail. Citizens can follow the trail and know who, what, where and how. They could know everything their government is doing with the money that they take from them in taxes, and if it is being used appropriately.

Help Undeveloped Countries #4: Philanthropy

With the trust and transparency that blockchain provides, these undeveloped countries will attract more people and organizations willing to donate to build the infrastructure and help citizens with basic needs like clothing, food and water.

Many are hesitant to donate because of the possibilities of corruption and not knowing if the money or materials they give will go to who they intend to receive them.


Blockchain is a world game changer. I do believe that with the development of undeveloped countries, we will see a reduction in wars and humans working in harmony.

Blockchain technology as well as Nasgo can be a catalyst to world peace and prosperity.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions?

You can post any and all in the comment area below.

Thank you and…

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