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4 Ways Blockchain Can Help Human Health

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As of late, several cryptocurrencies have been taking a value “nosedive.” And here they are at Nasgo talking about Blockchain helping the health and well being of humans.

It seems to be a contradiction.

Yes, if you own a lot of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency, you just may be under a lot of stress, but I have to tell you that Blockchain technology is not the problem. While cryptocurrency does run off Blockchain, the Blockchain itself does not control the price fluctuations.

Blockchain is essentially the engine of the vehicle and not the driver behind the wheel.

Even if various cryptocurrencies were to disappear, Blockchain technology is here to stay. And, Blockchain has immense uses, one of which is to help human health.

In this post, we are going to examine 4 ways Blockchain can help human health. Follow along and see the possibilities.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #1: Storage Of All Medical Information

It would be frightening to know the exact statistics of how many people have been prescribed medication or medical professionals have ordered procedures which was dangerous, if not lethal because of unknown prior medical history.

Let’s say that you have been in a serious accident and are unconscious. You are taken to an emergency room and the surgeons have no idea you are allergic to a certain drug they are about to give you in your IV.

There is no way to know this but if Blockchain technology was used, they could simply pull up your “medical chain” and know you as well as your family physician.

You may wonder about security issues, but because of the Blockchain system, your private medical information would be more secure than it currently is. The system would be set up so that only licensed medical professionals could have access to your medical records.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #2: Funding For Innovative Health Research And Development

There are many individuals who have some great ideas on ways to help eradicate diseases, design tools to give those with serious health issues a way to live normal, and study systems to lead people to their optimum weight.

So why isn’t it happening?

The answer is simple but has been a puzzle to solve.

Money! Financing!

The process of trying to get banks, governments or other institutions to finance a person who has a great idea to eradicate… let’s say diabetes… is worse than difficult.

Remember that there is a lot of money in people having diabetes. It is sad, but true. We don’t want to sound like conspiracy theorists, but wouldn’t it make sense that certain companies and organizations who are making $Billions because diabetes is a fact, wouldn’t they secretly lobby against a diabetes cure?

With Blockchain technology as the funding medium, normal people who want diabetes eradicated could be the funding and no amount of lobbying could stop it.

As a matter of fact, we have made it easy to tokenize on the Nasgo Blockchain platform. Once you tokenize, you can share your cause and idea, and normal people can purchase the tokens and help fund your idea. And when it is a reality, BOOM, the value of your token goes up giving value to the funder who owns your token.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #3: Transparency Of Health And Nutritional Products

healthy foods

Knowing where the products were made and if any potential dangerous substances could have been in the manufacturing process has become a major concern the last few years.

We hear of so many cases of seemingly healthy products being recalled because of improper storage or other issues that can effect the consumer. But only after 1 or more people get sick or worse, die.

Blockchain creates complete transparency and consumers will know every step of the process. No more “cutting corners” to attain higher profits.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #4: Incentivizing Good Health Practices

I just love this blockchain concept…

Health insurance companies can incentivize good health practices…

  • exercising
  • eating properly
  • showing up for medical appointments
  • etc…

Using blockchain, those who follow the health practices could be rewarded with lower premiums, or other rewards just for being on top of their health.

And Much More…

Just think of all the possibilities with blockchain… There are companies developing wearable technology that will send your physician, via blockchain, data on your daily health as you go about your life’s regimen.

Blockchain can help get food to starving people, water to thirsty people, warn of potential disasters and more.

So no matter how you feel about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, the engine that runs those can and will help human health.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions?

Just post them below and remember…

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