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Law Enforcement And Blockchain – The Amazing Benefits

Law Enforcement And Blockchain – The Amazing Benefits 4928 3264 Nasgo Marketing

When Satoshi Nakamoto first published the whitepaper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, many people took notice and in 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain software was released.

I mentioned that many people took notice and the largest percentage of those people had criminal intentions.

The Deep Web found a great resource in cryptocurrency that used the blockchain technology. Because of the anonymity, drugs, guns and even the order of killings could be carried out. It took law enforcement some time to learn that they could actually use the same technology to trap and catch these criminals.

But enough of that. Crime will always be existent as long as there is greed and power-hungry humans. The same technology that once helped criminals can actually now be used to catch or deter criminals.

Law enforcement and blockchain is a perfect match to create a safer and more secure world for law abiding citizens.

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits blockchain can provide law enforcement.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Ability To Follow Complete Money Trails

When major organized crime syndicates used cash, they had systems to “wash” the money and law enforcement had a difficult time of putting all the money with the crime figures.

But when the criminals are using cryptocurrency, while it is anonymous, every financial transaction is recorded. There is no “laundering” that can be done because the blockchain holds every record.

So just as the criminals are using the blockchain to move money, law enforcement can use the same system to track every transaction and will have ample evidence when that criminal system “slips” on their identity.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: The Inability To Alter Law Enforcement Records

The current way law enforcement records are handled makes them somewhat easy to alter. So with the “swipe” of some white out, records can be manipulated to benefit the criminal.

Using blockchain technology, the only way any record can be changed is with a consensus and even then, the original is still in the blockchain.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Digital Identities

digital identities

Just imagine if every person has a simple digital code that law enforcement can pull up and it will show a picture, scars and tattoos as well as other important information about that person?

No more issues with people using fake identification or pretending to be someone they are not.

There have been many cases of wanted criminals getting away using this technique.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Trademark, Patent And Copyright Theft

Let’s say Jim designs a logo for his business. The process of trademarking is somewhat long and tedious but using wisdom, he enters the creation into the blockchain.

Criminal Carl happens upon a hack to the same logo creation software Jim used and is able to copy Jim’s logo and sells it to the highest bidder.

But when the bidder attempts to trademark the logo, the blockchain proves Jim had it first and no trademark will be granted. But if the bidder would have checked the blockchain before giving Criminal Carl the money, he could have denied the buy. Hopefully the transaction is documented in the blockchain because Criminal Carl could face major trademark theft charges.

And So Much More

Blockchain technology can help law enforcement in so many ways, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s hear your thoughts on how blockchain can help the men and women in blue.

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