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human health

4 Ways Blockchain Can Help Human Health

4 Ways Blockchain Can Help Human Health 4912 2760 Nasgo Marketing

As of late, several cryptocurrencies have been taking a value “nosedive.” And here they are at Nasgo talking about Blockchain helping the health and well being of humans.

It seems to be a contradiction.

Yes, if you own a lot of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency, you just may be under a lot of stress, but I have to tell you that Blockchain technology is not the problem. While cryptocurrency does run off Blockchain, the Blockchain itself does not control the price fluctuations.

Blockchain is essentially the engine of the vehicle and not the driver behind the wheel.

Even if various cryptocurrencies were to disappear, Blockchain technology is here to stay. And, Blockchain has immense uses, one of which is to help human health.

In this post, we are going to examine 4 ways Blockchain can help human health. Follow along and see the possibilities.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #1: Storage Of All Medical Information

It would be frightening to know the exact statistics of how many people have been prescribed medication or medical professionals have ordered procedures which was dangerous, if not lethal because of unknown prior medical history.

Let’s say that you have been in a serious accident and are unconscious. You are taken to an emergency room and the surgeons have no idea you are allergic to a certain drug they are about to give you in your IV.

There is no way to know this but if Blockchain technology was used, they could simply pull up your “medical chain” and know you as well as your family physician.

You may wonder about security issues, but because of the Blockchain system, your private medical information would be more secure than it currently is. The system would be set up so that only licensed medical professionals could have access to your medical records.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #2: Funding For Innovative Health Research And Development

There are many individuals who have some great ideas on ways to help eradicate diseases, design tools to give those with serious health issues a way to live normal, and study systems to lead people to their optimum weight.

So why isn’t it happening?

The answer is simple but has been a puzzle to solve.

Money! Financing!

The process of trying to get banks, governments or other institutions to finance a person who has a great idea to eradicate… let’s say diabetes… is worse than difficult.

Remember that there is a lot of money in people having diabetes. It is sad, but true. We don’t want to sound like conspiracy theorists, but wouldn’t it make sense that certain companies and organizations who are making $Billions because diabetes is a fact, wouldn’t they secretly lobby against a diabetes cure?

With Blockchain technology as the funding medium, normal people who want diabetes eradicated could be the funding and no amount of lobbying could stop it.

As a matter of fact, we have made it easy to tokenize on the Nasgo Blockchain platform. Once you tokenize, you can share your cause and idea, and normal people can purchase the tokens and help fund your idea. And when it is a reality, BOOM, the value of your token goes up giving value to the funder who owns your token.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #3: Transparency Of Health And Nutritional Products

healthy foods

Knowing where the products were made and if any potential dangerous substances could have been in the manufacturing process has become a major concern the last few years.

We hear of so many cases of seemingly healthy products being recalled because of improper storage or other issues that can effect the consumer. But only after 1 or more people get sick or worse, die.

Blockchain creates complete transparency and consumers will know every step of the process. No more “cutting corners” to attain higher profits.

Blockchain Can Help Human Health #4: Incentivizing Good Health Practices

I just love this blockchain concept…

Health insurance companies can incentivize good health practices…

  • exercising
  • eating properly
  • showing up for medical appointments
  • etc…

Using blockchain, those who follow the health practices could be rewarded with lower premiums, or other rewards just for being on top of their health.

And Much More…

Just think of all the possibilities with blockchain… There are companies developing wearable technology that will send your physician, via blockchain, data on your daily health as you go about your life’s regimen.

Blockchain can help get food to starving people, water to thirsty people, warn of potential disasters and more.

So no matter how you feel about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, the engine that runs those can and will help human health.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions?

Just post them below and remember…

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law enforcement

Law Enforcement And Blockchain – The Amazing Benefits

Law Enforcement And Blockchain – The Amazing Benefits 4928 3264 Nasgo Marketing

When Satoshi Nakamoto first published the whitepaper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, many people took notice and in 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain software was released.

I mentioned that many people took notice and the largest percentage of those people had criminal intentions.

The Deep Web found a great resource in cryptocurrency that used the blockchain technology. Because of the anonymity, drugs, guns and even the order of killings could be carried out. It took law enforcement some time to learn that they could actually use the same technology to trap and catch these criminals.

But enough of that. Crime will always be existent as long as there is greed and power-hungry humans. The same technology that once helped criminals can actually now be used to catch or deter criminals.

Law enforcement and blockchain is a perfect match to create a safer and more secure world for law abiding citizens.

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits blockchain can provide law enforcement.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Ability To Follow Complete Money Trails

When major organized crime syndicates used cash, they had systems to “wash” the money and law enforcement had a difficult time of putting all the money with the crime figures.

But when the criminals are using cryptocurrency, while it is anonymous, every financial transaction is recorded. There is no “laundering” that can be done because the blockchain holds every record.

So just as the criminals are using the blockchain to move money, law enforcement can use the same system to track every transaction and will have ample evidence when that criminal system “slips” on their identity.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: The Inability To Alter Law Enforcement Records

The current way law enforcement records are handled makes them somewhat easy to alter. So with the “swipe” of some white out, records can be manipulated to benefit the criminal.

Using blockchain technology, the only way any record can be changed is with a consensus and even then, the original is still in the blockchain.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Digital Identities

digital identities

Just imagine if every person has a simple digital code that law enforcement can pull up and it will show a picture, scars and tattoos as well as other important information about that person?

No more issues with people using fake identification or pretending to be someone they are not.

There have been many cases of wanted criminals getting away using this technique.

Law Enforcement And Blockchain Amazing Benefits: Trademark, Patent And Copyright Theft

Let’s say Jim designs a logo for his business. The process of trademarking is somewhat long and tedious but using wisdom, he enters the creation into the blockchain.

Criminal Carl happens upon a hack to the same logo creation software Jim used and is able to copy Jim’s logo and sells it to the highest bidder.

But when the bidder attempts to trademark the logo, the blockchain proves Jim had it first and no trademark will be granted. But if the bidder would have checked the blockchain before giving Criminal Carl the money, he could have denied the buy. Hopefully the transaction is documented in the blockchain because Criminal Carl could face major trademark theft charges.

And So Much More

Blockchain technology can help law enforcement in so many ways, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s hear your thoughts on how blockchain can help the men and women in blue.

Just post your comments below.

And do remember…

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mail truck

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology?

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology? 5184 3456 Nasgo Marketing

Here Are 7 Reasons The Answer Is Yes

The amount of mail that travels around the world daily is staggering. The United States Postal Service handles the biggest majority but other companies have also stepped up their deliveries. Companies such as FedEx, UPS and many others do take some of the stress from USPS postal workers, but look at any given worker in a postal service job and you will feel the stress.

We have heard of late and no deliveries, mail theft and many other problems. But is it any real surprise? With the volume of mail and customers who write unintelligibly, the system is bound to have some problems.

But the overall mail system has evolved into a machine that does work somewhat well in consideration. But it can be better and we believe blockhain technology can be the catalyst for that change.

Here are 7 reasons mail services should adopt blockchain technology.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #1: Expand Financial Services

The United States Postal Service has been operating at a loss in recent years. But they could expand their financial services to offset the business competitors have taken.

Currently, the service sells money orders and can do international money transfers, but by adding blockchain, these services could be expanded and USPS could compete against companies like Well’s Fargo and others by adding a wider range of financial services.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #2: Automate The Simple Things

Using blockchain technology, simple things like address change, P.O. Box renewal and tracking could be automated even more than it already is.

Just take the address change system now used. Get a form, mail it in and your change of address is good for what, 1 year.

Why not forever?

By using blockchain technology, the mail service can automate this completely and it can be shared via any mail service.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #3: Identity

Using blockchain, the system could validate and authenticate the identity of users.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #4: Accounting Records


From payroll to accounts receivable, blockchain technology can streamline the process and eliminate human errors. And if there is a question, with all transactions being on the blockchain, the trail is easy to follow and find the exact issue.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #5: Eliminating Mail Crimes

Just recently, we heard of bombs being sent to politicians as well as CNN. And while the culprit was tracked down, if the mail system would have been on blockchain, the time to find a criminal who used the mail would be cut down drastically.


Each person using the mail service would have there own blockchain key that would also be imprinted in the mail they send (like the postmark).

That key would give authorities the ability to know who, where and when within seconds instead of days.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #6: Postal Tokens

Why not say goodbye to stamps and just use a postal token system? A person could purchase postal tokens and when mailing, they simply use digital tokens to pay. The mail is stamped with their public key showing the tokens were removed from their digital wallet.

The cost of printing stamps would be removed saving the system a lot of money.

Should Mail Services Adopt Blockchain Technology Reason #7: Tracking

Currently, the United States Postal Service has a somewhat good package tracking system, but it is no where near perfect. And when packages are coming from overseas, other services are used with a different type of tracking.

If the whole tracking system was integrated into one via blockchain, customers can know exactly where, when and how there mail is coming.


USPS has been studying how they can utilize blockchain. Personally, I think all mail services should adopt blockchain technology.

Creating a postal sidechain off the Nasgo blockchain is not difficult. You need not have to be a coder.

If you have questions or would like to know how to go about the process, just comment here or visit us at the NasgoNation Facebook page here.

We are helping the world

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home based business

7 Ways To Empower Your Home Based Business Using Blockchain

7 Ways To Empower Your Home Based Business Using Blockchain 2500 1559 Nasgo Marketing


As we move further ahead in time, we are discovering more and more people have created home based businesses to gain financial freedom.

One of the primary home based business structures is network marketing, but there are many other types of home based businesses too:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance writing, web design, and SEO services
  • Crafts
  • Child care
  • Etc…

I have found that one of the main questions from home based business owners is “How can we stay competitive against large corporations?”

When the Nasgo blockchain was founded and designed, the primary vision was a blockchain system that would empower small businesses.

And it is working!

Here are 7 ways to empower your home based business using blockchain.

Empower Your Home Based Business #1: Lower Marketing Costs

Using blockchain, home based business owners can get more targeted data on potential consumers at much lower costs.

When you know detailed information, you can market to these people at much lower costs and have a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Empower Your Home Based Business #2: More Secure And Cost Efficient Payment Processing

Using a blockchain payment processing platform, the costs will be much lower than using many of the other systems. Plus, the security is much better which will give customers a better trust of giving their information without fear of it ending up in the wrong hands.

Empower Your Home Based Business #3: Supply Chain

By putting your small business on blockchain, you can require vendors to use your blockchain to enter their data.

You will know when and where your supply order is and when it will arrive. You can also supply customers with a “key” to follow their order.

The other “plus” to this is knowing that what the vendor claims is actually true. If it is organic, it will be in the blockchain.

Empower Your Home Based Business #4: Internal And External Audits

Less paperwork means you can focus on your business revenues.

Be it taxes, receivables, or stock, you can simply pull up the blockchain to know how much, when, and who.

This makes the process of managing your business simpler and taxes can be much less stressful.

Empower Your Home Based Business #5: Customer Care

customer care

One of the biggest issues with both small and big business is customer care. If a consumer receives a damaged item, you can solve the problem quicker and in a more competent manner using the blockchain.

Also, narrowing down where the issue happened will be a matter of just reviewing blockchain records. Because customer care does not just entail making that 1 customer happy, but it also means solving the issue so it does not happen again.

Empower Your Home Based Business #6: Smart Contracts

This is another area where time is taken from home based business owners… Either you are creating invoices or paying invoices.

But by using a blockchain smart contract, when completion is verified in the blockchain, payment is automatically released. It will require no time taken from you or your employees.

Empower Your Home Based Business #7: Funding

In some cases, you may want to expand your home based business or need funding for equipment, software or some other tool.

We have explained how easy it is to tokenize your business and brand using Nasgo. By tokenizing, you will attract people to invest in you by purchasing your tokens. This gives you the funding you need and also helps those investors who believe in you to make money when you enjoy success.


We have had many small business structures going to the Nasgo blockchain. And from the response, they are overjoyed they did.

It is time to put your home based business on the blockchain and you can compete with the large corporations.

If you are ready, just comment here and we will have a Nasgo blockchain expert contact you soon to guide you through the process.

Thanks for stopping in and…

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take sports to a whole new level

5 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Take Sports To A Whole New Level

5 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Take Sports To A Whole New Level 2992 2000 Nasgo Marketing

The sports industry is huge! The money rolling in is unbelievable.

  • Tickets
  • Jerseys
  • Logos
  • Sport’s cards
  • and even beer and hot dogs

There is so much money that changes hands in the sport’s industry that a person wonders how control is kept.

Is there control?

There is control but it is sometimes a chaotic control. But we believe blockchain technology can make the sport’s industry more manageable. In today’s post, we will explain why blockchain can take sports to a whole new level. Here are 5 ways…

Take Sports To A Whole New Level #1: Blockchain Sport’s Streaming

It can be extremely frustrating when your favorite sport’s team is playing a big game and television networks have blacked it out. But blockchain technology can now alleviate that frustration.

Soon, there will be sport’s streaming dApps whereas you can find your favorite team and watch the game without paying outrageous fees.


Here is your chance!

Why not join the Nasgo blockchain and create that dApp? No coding knowledge is necessary.

If that interests you, just comment below and ask us how to get started.

Take Sports To A Whole New Level #2: Tracking Athletes’ Metrics

How much easier for team management to determine which athletes they may want to draft or trade for. As it is, metrics are measured, but the system is boggled in inconsistency. But using the blockchain, everything about every athlete can be documented and entered into the blockchain. Everyone can pull up the stats to see how that athlete has been since the day he/she first started.

Hey Fantasy sports players… How great is that?

Take Sports To A Whole New Level #3: Legalized Gambling

legalized gambling

Sports is huge in the gambling sector. But the inconsistency in odds and points throws both gamblers and bookies off.

Blockchain can create more consistency and help bookmakers keep better track of changes in

  • rosters
  • weather
  • injuries
  • etc…

All in real time.

Take Sports To A Whole New Level #4: Anti-Doping Regulations

Blockchain technology could keep better records and help control the use of illegal substances within sports.


Any substances used by sport’s personalities would be documented and if testing shows any other substances, they would be punished according to rules and regs. Plus, all substances allowed and disallowed would be in the blockchain to eliminate any “I did not know” excuses.

Take Sports To A Whole New Level #5: Tokenization

Be it teams or players themselves, the process of tokenizing will allow them to have huge support from a fan base.

Just think… A fan has, let’s use an old player, 200 Babe Ruth tokens. Babe has Tshirts, hats and gloves that he sells. Now the fan can exchange tokens for memorabilia and is advertising Babe Ruth and supporting the great with cryptocurrency.

Tokenizing is the wave… Many stars have tokenized through the Nasgo blockchain. It just makes sense that sport’s teams and players start tokenizing….


  • Cristiano,
  • LeBron
  • Lionel
  • Tiger….

Do you copy?

Just head over to where you can get tokenized in less than 10 minutes. This post will tell you how.

So Much More…

Blockchain technology can, and will turn the sport’s world on its head.

Just think, you could use tokens to get the best seats at the Superbowl, World Cup or Playoffs.

The possibilities are endless.

Any questions or feedback? Post all below…

And one other thing…

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7 Reasons Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain

7 Reasons Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain 3516 2428 Nasgo Marketing

It seems that every year, near the holidays, we start hearing and seeing donation campaigns for nonprofits and charitable organizations. And with so many, how do we choose who to donate money to?

Many people begin to look at statements and reviews online. Many of these are so negative that the a large percentage of the human population has lost trust in nonprofits and charities.

There has to be a way to give people a reason to give; a reason to help the unfortunate who need clothing, food, water or a roof over their head to get out of the elements.

A vast amount of people want to help, but they have a desire to know the money they are donating is being used properly and it seems that, in many cases, it isn’t. But truth be told, you cannot believe everything you see on the internet.

I have watched as good businesses have been destroyed because a past enemy or a competitor uses an unscrupulous attack by posting false negative reviews. The same can happen to nonprofit and charitable organizations.

The Nasgo Blockchain Can Change That…

Here are 7 reasons nonprofit and charitable organizations should jump on the Nasgo blockchain.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #1: No Borders

One of the primary concerns with organizations helping in Middle Eastern and African countries is wondering if the money or goods are actually reaching the people who need them. Yes, the nonprofit or charity is honest and trustworthy, but suddenly we discover that some person or persons within that country intercept the money or items and use them for their own profits.

Using the blockchain, everything will be entered into the chain and everyone will know who, where and when. And if using a tokenized means of delivering money, it will go into the wallet of the persons who it should and will use the same blockchain for converting.

While there could still be some improprieties, the chances and odds are much less.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #2: Transparency

By using the Nasgo blockchain, people who will potentially donate do not have to rely on reviews but can instead see the facts.

They can look in the blockchain and see how donations are being used down to the penny.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #3: Lower Fees

lower fees

Fees involved with transferring money from country to country can be astronomical. By using blockchain standards and tokenization, those fees can be reduced dramatically.

As an example, let’s say your organization is raising funds for refugees in Syria. But you have United States dollars and that money must be sent and converted to Syrian pounds. Doing so in today’s system would require costly intermediaries but by using the Nasgo blockchain, you could tokenize or use the Nasgo token… NSG’s.

Now all that happens is the small amount delegates receive for entering the transmission in the blockchain and those tokens can be sent digitally and exchanged for Syrian pounds.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #4: An Added Donation Advantage

By using the Nasgo Blockchain, nonprofits and charitable organizations can easily accept cryptocurrency as a donation method. Some people are hesitant about entering credit/debit card information, but will feel safe and secure sending encrypted cryptocurrency because the odds of being “hacked” or personal information stolen are essentially nonexistent.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #5: Contract Enforcement

People who donate often do so with preset conditions. But sometimes those conditions are not met. Now nonprofits and charities can be held to standards that they fulfill their agreement by using blockchain technology.

Knowing you must use their donations for what you said or they will receive their money back because of smart contract enforcement, people will be more willing to donate.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #6: Easily Create Specific Donation Coins

nasgo token

I have mentioned tokenizing several times… It is cost efficient and a secure method of raising funds.

Many nonprofits have various projects happening around the world and it can get difficult determining whose donation is supposed to go where.

This can be easily solved by tokenizing each project. Not only do you cut down on needless paperwork, but when one person buys tokens for water in Kenya and another buys tokens for housing in Honduras, you know where each donation is earmarked for.

And tokenizing on the Nasgo blockchain is fast, cost efficient and easy. Read this post to know how.

Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations Should Jump On The Nasgo Blockchain Reason #7: The Ability To Separate From Other Industries

Personally, I think it can be a little “nit-picky,” but some people have claimed that when a nonprofit is using the same building or webhost or something like that as an industry they don’t believe in, they will not support the nonprofit.

Since the Nasgo blockchain is hosting many various industries, we have a system whereas you can easily just set up your own nonprofit or charitable sidechain that is separate from the rest.

We can show you how.


If you are ready to bring your nonprofit or charitable organization into the Nasgo blockchain, the first step is to head over to, sign up and download the MainNet.

But like many others, you may need some help and that is what we are here for. You can comment with your contact info here and we will contact you to help or feel free to visit us at any of the following Social sites and speak with us there:

Nasgo can and will help your charitable organization prosper…

Stay Free With Nasgo!


5 Ways Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors

5 Ways Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors 4750 3140 Nasgo Marketing

Since the dawn of time, humans have been writing. Books have been a way for people to learn, relax and dream. But in today’s world, it seems that only certain authors and publishing companies get the major amount of sales while smaller companies and independent authors pick up the scraps that are left behind.

The fact is, there are many great self published authors that have not had their works read nearly enough. There are several reasons…

  • Not being known, publishing companies are not willing to take a “chance” on the author.
  • The unwillingness to edit the book to a publisher’s standards.
  • The author is great at writing, but marketing is a downfall.
  • Etc…

There is a disruption in the publishing industry brewing. It is called Blockchain technology. We are watching as musicians and other entertainers are using Blockchain technology to tokenize and drive their works into the spotlight.

  • Jaafar Jackson – Nephew of the great Michael Jackson
  • Cali Tucker – Niece of the Country Star Tanya Tucker
  • and the wonderful singing sensation, Makela

All 3 of these personalities have tokenized through the Nasgo blockchain. And Nasgo is poised to use this technology to change the world in miraculous ways… With Sharenode and Amico, Nasgo Nation is taking entertainment, education and financial well being to a whole new level.

Publishers and authors can also benefit in blockchain… Here are 5 ways:

#1 Way Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors: Rights Management

Managing publishing rights in all the various countries has been an issue for both publishers and authors for years. Keeping track of rights is a huge monster that only a system like blockchain could have control over.

When the rights are sold or given, the information will be entered in the blockchain and as long as the publisher/author is on that blockchain, no one will be able to “pirate” those rights without being liable.

A copyright will be on that blockchain and nobody will be able to dispute it.

#2 Way Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors: Publishing Contracts That Are Smart

These publishing contracts can be fully automated which eliminates costly attorneys and will be legally binding.

These contracts will work in synchronization with rights management and ensure the authors are given their fair share of the “pie.”

#3 Way Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors: Funding New Works

Writing books can sometimes require expenses that the author does not have readily available. But by tokenizing the book, fans can help fund the project by purchasing tokens and when the project is complete, they can exchange the token or tokens for books.

But tokenization can go even further.

Authors and publishers can tokenize and fans, followers and readers can purchase tokens and spend on various goods, trade them for other goods or services or save them as the value could rise as the author or publisher gains more fame.

You can see how to tokenize in less than 10 minutes on the Nasgo Blockchain by clicking here.

#4 Way Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors: Set 1 Global Price


Since the blockchain is decentralized, your books or ebooks can be distributed everywhere. Many other distribution sources only allow distribution in certain countries.

What’s more, you can set a standard price and using the blockchain, readers can purchase using cryptocurrency in the form of tokens and that can then be converted to your payment preference.

#5 Way Blockchain Can Benefit Publishers And Authors: Better Advertising With Less Fraud

With Blockchain technology, publishers can ensure the people they want seeing advertisements are truly seeing them. And they can keep better data on clicks because the blockchain will eliminate bot clicks that throw statistics into a chaotic mess.


Last but not least, Blockchain technology will take away some of the monopoly-like systems controlling book sales.

Both authors and publishers can set up a blockchain website where books can be sold and delivered through without using a costly intermediary. What’s more, the transparency will garner more trust from consumers.

If you are an author or publisher who is intrigued by the potential Blockchain technology offers you, feel free to comment with your contact info and one of the Nasgo experts will get back with you. Or feel free to find Nasgo on Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube and we can also help you there.

After all, we are here to help you

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