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8 Reasons To Tokenize And Put Your Business On Blockchain

8 Reasons To Tokenize And Put Your Business On Blockchain 4000 2627 Nasgo Marketing

I predict that by the year 2022, 85%+ of businesses will be using blockchain technology. And for those who are not using it, there will be a struggle to keep their doors open.

There are many reasons you should tokenize your business and put it on the blockchain. Here are 8 reasons.

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Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #1: Smart Contracts

The ability to develop an unbreakable contract where all tasks must be met and documented into the blockchain before payment held in escrow is released. This eliminates costly attorney fees, as well as other middlemen.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #2: Increased Security

All transactions using blockchain technology have superior encryption levels and anyone involved will be entered into the blockchain and will be forced to comply with all security and encryption protocol.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #3: Transparency

Just as in the security advantage, blockchain makes all actions transparent. You will know that what you are getting is exactly what you were shown, and your clients and customers will have the same benefit.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #4: Payments

blockchain payments

This is an area where tokenization can be beneficial. Once you have created a token for your business, it can be used as virtual cash. You are essentially creating a cryptocurrency that can be traded for other crypto or turned into cash without high processing fees.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #5: A Larger Customer Base

Because blockchain runs on a decentralized system, no one can control who see what, when and where.

Especially if you have an ecommerce business, you want your website and mobile applications available to everyone.

While they say they don’t, there is a common concern that web hosts and search engines have the power to control who sees what, where and when.

Using a blockchain integrated website, your products, services and brand can, and will be seen everywhere.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #6: Better Managed Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have become a prime way to keep customers. But managing those loyalty programs can also be a nightmare.

Using a blockchain application, those programs could nearly manage themselves. Every purchase would be entered into the blockchain and points would be tracked. When a reward is supposed to be given, it could all be automated and it would save time and costs.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #7: Taxes And Auditing

I actually see a day when all business (and personal) taxes can be done automatically using blockchain technology.

With all revenues and expenses being on blockchain, a decentralized application will be developed that will pull all that data and enter it into the proper areas of your tax statement. And, if an audit is required, no need to scramble for paperwork. Just pull out the blockchain key and it will all be there.

Put Your Business On Blockchain Reason #8: Funding

Here is another area where tokenization can be huge!!!

By simply tokenizing your brand, anyone who wants to invest in your business can do so by simply purchasing your tokens.

So it won’t require you finding a venture capitalist. Anyone who believes in you and your brand can buy your tokens and help fund the business. As your business grows, the value of your tokens will also grow making it a win-win situation.


It is high time to get your business on blockchain… How?

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Just comment below and we will work with you to get your business on the blockchain.

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