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The Nasgo Decentralized Democracy

A Close Look At Blockchain Cryptographic Consensus And Why NASGO Decentralized Democracy Stands Tall When the cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto was started (Bitcoin), it was developed on a blockchain consensus protocol called Proof Of Work (POW). Just to be clear, that POW system was not invented by Satoshi, but by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels in 1999. Many other cryptocurrencies adopted the Proof Of Work consensus, but even those who worked in and on the Bitcoin model agreed that in time, better blockchain consensus systems would be developed. How The Proof Of Work Consensus Works Without getting too deep into the technical nature of the blockchain consensus system, I will just say that as a transaction is administered, it must be entered into the blockchain. In the Proof Of Work system, miners must use computational methods to develop a “hash.” Understand this, “hashing” is the process of [...]

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